Casino Loyalty Programs

If you’ve tried looking for a casino where loyalty is rewarded, you probably noticed many sites tend to put a lot of emphasis on the initial welcome bonus that is offered when you register and make your first deposit.

If you play often online, what should be even more important to you, in the long run, is the quality of the loyalty program and ongoing promotions a casino offered to its regular players. This is an area that will give you a true indication about the casino and if it understands the importance of treating its players well. There are many casinos that fail to see the value in maintaining long term players, and for those of you who play often, it is that loyalty that pays off for you from a rewards perspective.

Obviously there are some casinos that are Superior to others, and it is those that tend of offer a better-valued loyalty program. As such, you will find a wide variety of loyalty benefits, and a few of those have been listed below with an explanation so that you understand which has the most value to you as a loyal player.

Loyalty Points

Many casinos will use loyalty points to reward their players. The way this typically works is through points earned as you place wagers on any of the games offered by the casino. Generally, one point is earned for every dollar wagered, and once a set amount of points are earned, they can be converted into casino cash credits.

Loyalty points are wager free, and allow you to keep any monies derived from play without having to wager that amount converted as you would when accepting a deposit bonus. It should be noted that certain games award loyalty points at a different rate. The most notable of those are slots, which will be awarded at a rate of 100%, whereas table games, for example, will pay less.

One way of increasing the number of loyalty points that you’re getting is by increasing your loyalty level. The casinos that offer different levels of membership will increase the rate you earn points, and this in turn allows you to earn a higher number of points, and subsequently, a larger amount of free casino credits.

Dedicated Loyalty Managers

A respectable loyalty program will offer its members a dedicated loyalty manager. The advantage of this is having direct contact with a manager when needed who will monitor you’re playing and award you appropriately. Their job is to make sure you are looked after, happy with the service you are getting, and having fun.

Faster Processing of Withdrawals

As you advance your loyalty level, some casinos will offer faster withdrawal processing times. While today most casinos process payments quickly, having faster withdrawal times is valuable to you as a player, especially if you are one who deposits often.

Cash Comps

Cash Comps are a great thing if you are a loyal player. There are times when budgets do not allow for recreational spending on gambling. Having the ability to contact your loyalty manager and request a cash comp allows you to play when those times are upon you. The amount received will be dependent on the amount you have deposited, lost and won. If you are down at the casino, the amount you will be gifted will be more than that if you are a winning player. It is also common for loyalty programs to include birthday comps as well as holiday comps and this should be factored into the equation when evaluating a loyalty programs value.

Free Slot Tournaments

Another way of reward players is by providing exclusive slot tournaments. The value in this depends solely on the prize pools of those tournaments. However, they still can be a great tool to win some extra cash, gifts, and play with other loyalty members.



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